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Congratulations – you’ve made it. After more than two years of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown, here you are today: returning to some semblance of normalcy. The problem is, however, COVID-19 is still here, lingering, mutating, and waiting to strike as soon as you let your guard down. Don’t let two years of conscientiousness be for nought. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected by following two simple steps.

Step 1: Stop the Spread

We all rejoiced when it was announced that the government had dropped the remaining legal restrictions to control the spread of the pandemic. But, the fact is that currently [April 2022] 1 in 13 people in the UK are infected with COVID-19.

To reduce the risk of catching and transmitting the virus, we recommend that you:

  • Wear a face mask in crowded or confined spaces
  • Meet outside, or ensure a flow of fresh air indoors
  • Get vaccinated

Outside of these suggestions, the easiest way to control the spread is to simply keep your hands germ-free. Regularly using a sanitiser kills bacteria and viruses on your skin, and is recommended immediately after touching surfaces – especially those in public. Sanitisers can also be used directly on surfaces such as your desk, chair, or restaurant table.

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Step 2: Get Tested

With the UK’s infection rate still hovering around one-third of the population, you will inevitably come into contact with someone who is COVID-positive. Although being infected is no longer the potentially deadly scenario it was in mid-2020, the onus is still on every individual to take necessary precautions to stop the spread. The easiest way to start making informed decisions about your health and that of those around you is to take a COVID-19 test.

Although the government is no longer providing free test kits, you can buy a range of easy-to-use home test options. Medsella’s range of lateral flow test kits provide rapid results and are accurate up to 99.6%. No specialist equipment is needed, tests can be conducted on yourself, and results are generated within 15 minutes.

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We may have won the battle, but the war with COVID-19 is far from over. It is down to you to take the appropriate preventative measures to keep yourself, your family, friends, clients and employees safe from the coronavirus and its evolving mutations.

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