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Founded in 1998, Haier Biomedical based in China. We design, manufacture and market laboratory equipment for the global market. Our products are designed to enable scientific researchers across the globe to perform research projects and to produce pharmaceutical products.

Haier Biomedical was founded to focus on design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of low temperature storage equipment for biomedical samples. Using the concept of IoT, the company has become a provider of comprehensive solutions for various biotechnological challenges. Operating globally, Haier Biomedical, the world’s only complete cold chain provider, has solutions storage for biological sample banks, blood safety, vaccine safety, medical supplies and reagent safety.

The company tackles new national and international challenges and meets high demands on blood supply management and vaccine safety, designing and implementing advanced intelligent global networks and safe solutions for IoT-based blood management systems and vaccinations.

Haier’s low-temperature equipment and sample management systems have been installed in over five-hundred bio-storage banks in China. The company has significantly contributed to the advancement of China’s biological technology and research. Haier Biomedical is the only complete biomedical low-temperature storage equipment service provider in the market, covering the entire temperature range from -196 ℃ to 8 ℃.

Haier Biomedical successfully creates a new synergy by combining its manufacturing with IoT-based biological and medical sciences and practices. The company is the driving force of innovation in product design and application. Its low-temperature storage equipment works with IoT-based technology to make it possible for product real-time monitoring and tracking, intelligent vaccination, and precise blood management. Haier Biomedical leads a new revolution in traditional manufacturing as well as innovative technology development.

As of now, Haier Biomedical and its subsidiaries have achieved a total of 263 approved and pending patents, including 65 invention patents. Our core R & D personnel have led or engaged in the drafting of 9 national and industry standards for the biomedical cryogenic storage industry, basically covering all biomedical cryogenic storage products. Furthermore, Haier participated in the drafting of World Health Organization (WHO) international standards, showing true leadership and development for the industry.

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